Thursday, June 30, 2011

Reorganization of Blogs

I have changed the name of my blog "Change and Transformation" to "Change & TransformationUSA." The link to that blog is now:

I have created three new blogs:

Richard Allbritton

Change and TransformationFlorida

Change & TransformationThe Dark Side


  1. Richard, loved your blog on McClatchy and agree with ALL of it. You are 100% correct. Is it me or am I going utterly insane? This idiotic debate that does not HAVE to BE a debate is like water dripping on me 24/7 with talking heads saying a million and one half different things. I want to pull out my hair!

    We MUST MUST MUST throw out the rancid impediment the tea baggers. Some moderate Republicans will at least rationally THINK but the baggies won't. They are the HUGE fly in our ointment. I wrote my own piece on it on my blog which I think on this issue you will agree with me.

    What happened to our country? It has been hijacked by the most irrational often unintelligent group of religious maniacs who crawled from underneath a rock to plague our country.

    Yes, we have a debt crisis but my God do not throw the final punch of the catastrophe of not raising the debt ceiling to a country already in trouble. This is the most divided nation I have ever experienced bar none. It is as divided I think as it was before (and after) the Civil War. I experienced the late 60's a time I loved. NEVER in my wildest dreams did I ever think it would come to this. This division eclipses even that! I am totally demoralized. If they hack Medicare and Social Security and many other things for so many only death awaits!

  2. oops sorry my blog is